Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The F - Word

Ever had that awkward feeling when no one understands a word you’re saying? This often happens to me when I talk about certain trends or style elements, only to be met with puzzled faces that need explanations. This week’s post is thus dedicated to exploring another beautiful facet of fashion - the jargon. Follow me as I take you through a glossy glossary of my favourite fashion terms and trends (at the moment).

Androgynous: having a look that is neither strongly feminine or masculine

Boho-chic - a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, which, at its height in 2004–05, was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss

Cable Knit - a knit stitch that is extra-thick, warm, and produces a look that resembles two cords, or cables, wrapping around each other.

Cloche Hat - a hat fits closely to the head, with a deep crown and a narrow, or nonexistent, brim. French for "bell," the cloche hat style was first made popular in the 1920s, and now thanks to movies like The Great Gatsby, is making its way back into our closets  

Color-blocking - originally a technique where blocks of fabric are sewn together in one garment to create clothing with a few different solid colors; has now come to encompass an outfit that applies the same technique to a combination of pieces (ie shirt, pants, shoes)

Distressed - having simulated marks of age and wear, usually referring to jeans that are made to look faded and torn.

Epaulet - detail borrowed from military dress, which uses trim or ornament on the shoulder to suggest added width or effect.

Fascinator- vintage-inspired accessory which affixes to the wearer's hair for purely decorative purposes.

Fashionality - used to describe a person in the fashion industry with a lot of personality and sometimes celebrity status

Faux Pas - a term borrowed from the French, meaning a miss-step or major no-no

Fedora - traditionally constructed of felt, this soft hat's crown is creased lengthwise and hosts a medium-thin, sometimes curved, brim. Term's first known use was in 1891.

Flou - short for fluorescent, which is a color that seems to emit its own light; similar to but exactly the same as neon

Glamazon - originally used to describe supermodels in the 1980s – a combination of glamorous and Amazon

Haute Couture - a French term, mean exclusive, custom-fitted high fashion clothing as produced in Paris, and imitated in other fashion capitals such as New York, London, and Milan – made for individual customers from high quality, expensive fabrics

Mary Janes - a  style of shoe that features a buckled strap across the instep. Originally, Mary Janes were flat, made of patent leather, and meant for children, but they now come in a variety of heel heights and materials, and are worn by all ages.

Monochrome - designs created using one color in combination with white, or various shades of one hue

Ombre - describes when a color fades in stages (usually down the length of a garment) from deeply saturated to nearly white

Peplum -  a ruffled or flared panel of fabric, which falls just below that natural waistline, adding a playful touch to any garment.

Pump - classically, a heeled shoe with closed toe and back, low-cut vamp, and few embellishments (laces, straps, etc.) though varying styles may add accents to the classic silhouette.

Trickle-up trend - fashion trends that start “on the street” and make their way into high fashion

Vanity sizing - (also known as size inflation) when the same clothing size becomes larger over time

This week I'm feeling extra generous. Share your favourite fashion term by commenting below, and you could win a free fashion shoot with me.


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