Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Gender Bender: The Tuxedo Trend

Tuxedos aren't just for black tie affairs or penguins anymore! The classic style has taken over the fashion world once again – but this time with a major makeover. Take a cue from the boys this season, and think pinstripes, blazers, tailored trousers, and brogues, but styled with a chic, feminine twist. Designers like Victoria Beckham wowed this year by incorporating the tux trend into her autumn collection, and stylish celebs like Jennifer Aniston have been spotted wearing this conservative-meets-sexy ensemble out on the town. 

The tuxedo trend, first dubbed Le Smoking, has become a classic since first introduced by Yves St. Laurent in the 60′s. This time around though, the standard black or white pants and suit has made a leap into dresses, jumpsuits, shoes and more. The whole look is pristinely tailored; the pants are high in the waist and wide in the leg, but the blouse underneath the jacket is soft and finished off with subtle, simple accessories for that feminine-meets-masculine appearance.

The Luxe Tux is an elegant, sexy option for days when a cocktail dress or ball gown just isn't a statement.  It’s a dramatic, sensual look that isn't for everyone, but on the right woman it can be stunning. Should the idea of head-to-toe tux be a little overwhelming, try sporting tuxedo elements for a more casual approach to the trend?  And at the risk of looking like a playboy bunny, here are some tips to help you pull off the tux trend.

Wear the jacket alone:

If you are wearing the jacket - and the jacket can be black or white- wear it with its deep ‘V’ emphasized or with a plain button up vest, skinny jeans and pumps.

Wear the pants with a feminine blouse:

If you prefer to wear just the tuxedo pants, without the jacket, then a pretty, feminine blouse is the way to do it. Something satin or silk will offset the masculinity of the pants. Soft fabrics like lace or ruffles loosely draped will create an unforgettable outfit.  The key is to contrast the difference between the straight, strong masculine lines of the tux and the soft, round, feminine curves of your body.

High heels are a must:

Killer pointy heeled pumps or strappy high sandals are the way to go when you wear the tuxedo look. Again, it brings that strong femininity to play.


Accessories can make or break an outfit like this. Gold pieces make the look lady-like and tailored. Multiple long necklaces will highlight the ‘V’ cut of the jacket and will add to the polished effect of the tux. Remember to keep hair and make-up sophisticated - sleek hair back and go with a classic dash of red on your lips, or a glossy nude.

While the tux trend may be on the masculine side, don’t let it intimate you — women can wear this trend better than any man. It’s all about effortless androgyny that’s stitched up in immaculately tailored yet lightly relaxed pieces, minimalist silhouettes, and that all important hint of edgy glamour.

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