Monday, 22 July 2013

10 Fashion Essentials

Trends come and go, but in fashion, there are some universal fashion staples every woman must possess to stay effortlessly stylish. These classic must-haves will help you prepare for any situation, while also looking polished and smart. 

1. The crisp white shirt

Thanks to fashion icon, Carolina Herrera, this style staple is an eternal favorite fashion trend. She started designing white shirts in 1981 and there is at least one white shirt in her every collection. A classic white shirt can be worn  with ball gown skirts, blue jeans, and office blazers. Herrera explains that such shirts make her feel secure, adding that when she can’t decide what to wear, she chooses a white shirt.

Tuck it into a pair of jeans, wear it under a boyfriend blazer, or layer it with a cardigan and skirt. The crisp, white, button down shirt is a must-have wardrobe staple that can go from work day to weekend without a hitch.

2. The classic trench coat

Designed to hide any fashion faux pas hidden underneath, the classic trench will take you from a hot mess to a tailored success.  This practical fashion essential, originally designed by Thomas Burberry to keep officers warm and dry during the trying conditions of World War I, gives every woman the perfect hourglass shape thanks to its cleverly placed belt. Considering this mix of its business-like origins and its surprisingly flattering effect, it’s no wonder that wearing a trench makes looking effortlessly cool, effortless.

3. The lightweight cardigan

Every closet needs a cardigan. It’s great for slightly chilly days or layering under your winter coat; you can even keep it in your purse in case it gets cold while you’re indoors. The most serviceable colors are black, grey, and cream, but I love pops of color in blues and deep reds too. Wrap a skinny belt around your waist to complete the look and you’ve got a layered outfit that looks very put together.

4. The little black dress

Everyone associates the Little Black Dress with Coco Chanel, who made it really popular in 1926. Wear it to weddings, dinners, Wednesday work day meetings and parties.  The little black dress (LBD) is a wardrobe essential that works hard for you when that surprise last-minute party invite lands in your inbox.

 Dress it up with a silk scarf and heels, or down with a fitted cardigan and flats — a well-cut LBD can be your best friend for years.

5. The fitted blazer

Upgrade that basic jeans and crisp white shirt ensemble with a simple single-breasted blazer. A basic black blazer is perfect for meetings, funerals, weddings, and can even turn your LBD into a suited option for work.

6. The black pencil skirt

You don't have to be skinny to wear this classic shaped skirt. This figure-flattering dark skirt can be paired with countless items in your closet to create a perfectly polished outfit.  Timeless, elegant and a great "go to" piece for any occasion. Pencil skirts are usually worn long, to the top of the knee or to the bottom of the knee. A longer version looks best on taller ladies. If you are petite go for the shorter version. Depending on the occasion, wear it with a blouse or even a tee shirt

7. Slim black pants

Who doesn’t own a pair of basic black pants? Well tailored black pants are great for the office as it plays well with everything in your closet.

8. The tote bag

The tote is one of the most universally useful styles of bags out there, one that almost every woman has owned at some point in her life. Celebrated for its ability to hold anything and everything, the tote is above all things versatile. Women have been carrying them around since the early 1900s but it wasn’t until L.L. Bean designed the Boat Bag in 1944 that it was integrated into every day fashion. A neutral coloured tote is perfect for work and play.

9. The perfect black heels
Forget glass slippers. Prince Charming would be stunned to know that if Cinderella were around today, her footwear of choice would undoubtedly be a black leather pump. This lasting fashion favorite has withstood the test of time because it is the go-to shoe for day or night, jeans or trousers or skirts, dressy occasions or more casual events. Whether perfectly plain or adorned with a subtle pattern, a pair of black pumps adds polish to any outfit.

10 The simple scarf

Add colour to an otherwise boring office or day-time look with a simple scarf. So tie it, knot it, or casually drape it around your neck to stylize a basic t-shirt, fight the breeze in a trench, or add some ‘pop’ to a LBD. For inspiration on how to tie your scarf, have a look at my post ‘That’s a wrap’.

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