Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Interview With The Glorious Gloria Kavetu

Clicking through fashion channels recently, I thought about how brilliant it would be to interview a professional model; someone who has graced runways and fitted designer clothes. It then dawned on me that Namibia has produced two winners of the prestigious Face of Africa model search. My arbitrary musings led me to a Facebook search, which eventually landed me an interview with the first ever Miss Face of Namibia.

Gloria Kavetu, the girl with the golden smile and golden heart, happily agreed to answer my fashion questions. Born in Okahandja, Gloria started modeling and taking part in beauty pageants at the tender age of 8. And because she grew up in a small town she had to learn about the fashion industry the hard way - by watching fashion TV and by practicing.

I think her efforts paid off. Read what she had to say about fashion, style and the essence of beauty.

Were you always a well dressed girl, or was there a time in your life when you can honestly say you had no fashion sense?

I started modeling at a very young age so dressing up and looking good has always been a part of who I am.  But I do agree I have my moments when I’m averagely dressed in a pair of jeans and a tank top. After all it’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it. I shop in any shop, doesn't matter where. The trick is all about how I put it together.

You looked amazing at that NAMAS, what inspired your dress design?

I contacted Nikola Conradie, one of the best designers in Namibia. I told her I wanted something elegant yet sexy for the Namibian Music Awards, and she put everything together. That’s why I love her, she never disappoints!

I couldn't agree with you more, Nikola is fabulous. In fact I saw you model her designs at the 99FM and Jamsson Fashion Show. Where, would you say you get your fashion ideas and tips from?

I love beautiful things, whether its clothing items or interior decor. So, I’m constantly browsing the internet and magazines for the latest fashion trends.

I hope you consider reading my blog more often. Gloria, There is probably a lot of pressure on the Face of Namibia to look good at all times, how do you handle that?

Yes people expect me to look good all the time, but I don't dress to impress people. I dress because I love looking good.

So how would you describe your style?

“Simple with a touch of elegance”

What is the one item of clothing that you can wear every day?

A pair of jeans suits any occasion.

Who then, is your celebrity fashion icon?

Blake Lively.

I love Blake Lively’s style! She really knows how to put an outfit together. In your opinion, what was your best dressed moment? 

The NAMAS was my best dress moment; maybe it’s because the dress was made specifically for me.

And your worst?

I wouldn't say I had one…or maybe I’m just not aware of it. (She laughs)

Finally Gloria, Face of Namibia is a pageant that was designed to celebrate the beauty of Namibian women. As the name implies the pageant aims to incorporate aspects of tradition, culture and the growing acceptance of beauty. What do you think the essence of style and beauty is?

I think the essence of style and beauty is the person you really are. Your style makes people aware of who you are - whether you have good taste depends on how you put it together, to get that final product. I believe beauty is who you are on the inside; it’s your personality that makes you beautiful.

Gloria was crowned Face of Namibia in September 2011 and has clearly used her former title to grow and positively influence the beauty industry in Namibia. Not only has she modeled for top local designers, but in 2012 she launched a Dental Health Campaign at SOS Children Village.  She is truly a special woman, and it was a pleasure to do an interview with her. 

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