Thursday, 29 August 2013

Trending Thursday: Faux-Punk French Braid

After seeing this fresh and funky hairstyle on Selena Gomez, I had to give it a whirl. Now, I am not one with much hair foresight or vision, so to try this on a Thursday morning before work, was as risky as licking an ice sculpture at a wedding reception. But this is a beautiful hairstyle, edgy from the sides, elegant from the front, and romantic in the back, this style looks great from every angle and can offer terrific contrast to a glam dress. 

Should you want to try it, here is a how-to compliments of and Boston hairstylist Nicholas Penna, owner of SalonCapri

1. Prep. Because braids hold best in hair that has slightly "grungy" texture, Nick recommends washing hair the day before styling. For added texture and volume, he uses dry shampoo at the roots and applies a coat of volumizer.

2. Tease. Using a teasing comb or paddle brush, tease the top front section of your crown. Nick starts at the back and works forward, focusing on the roots, then secures with a light mist of

3. Braid. Begin your French braid at the very top of your head, behind the teased section, carefully and tightly combing sections on the side into the braid and incorporating them as you go. Continue to braid down the nape of the neck and secure with a clear elastic band.

4. Tug. The secret to getting Selena’s rocker grunge look? Nick goes through the braid by hand and gently loosens each section, pulling out pieces where needed to create a more tousled look. Bobby-pin your braid where needed to secure the style, and finish with a full coat of spray to set your strands.
hairspray. You can comb a little atop the teased section for a smoother top.

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