Sunday, 23 June 2013

Imprint Your Style

From graphic checks, houndstooth, and fabulous florals - printed fabrics are everywhere this season. Even though this is a Spring trend elsewhere in the world, prints can easily be translated for Winter. All you have to decide is how bold you want to go. 'Clash and match' or Aztec with arty for a riot of expression? Whether you're tempted to play around with pattern or prefer keeping it simple, there is a way to ace this trend in every way possible.

Clashing prints

When taking the ‘clash and match’ approach to pattern, choose prints with matching colours and a similar scale, creating a more complementary combination. Worried about your shoes? Go for gold and neutral colours to make your outfit pop.

Office print

Think prints are too bold for the office? Think again! Simply opt for tailored prints for a more office-chic look. Take a page out of Valentino’s book to make Mondays fabulously blue, by pairing soft azure blues with a white shirt. Alternatively, make like Mary Berry and grab yourself a floral bomber jacket. Perfect with slim black pants – or a matching skirt.


Originating in Scotland in the 1800, houndstooth was worn by shepherds, and in the 1930’s it moved up the social ladder to become the pattern of choice for the wealthy. Personally, I’m in love with this print because it can be worn casually as a knitted sweater, or for business as a shift dress. Always accessories this print with a bold colour. Red shoes are super chic.

Print has been making rounds since 2012 and doesn't seem to be leaving the fashion scene any time soon, so jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the freedom that this trend brings.  

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