Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Culotte Above the Rest

Hello fashionistas! Yes it has been more than a year since my last update, and in the meantime I have become a mom and started a new job as the Head of Corporate communication and Marketing at our national research institution.

During my hiatus I couldn’t help but notice a wonderful and scary new trend emerging among the young and fashionable – Culottes.

These knee-length trousers, are cut with full legs to resemble a skirt, and have their origin etched in history. First worn by men, that term has been around since the late Middle Ages. From kings to military personnel and the first few presidents of the United States, men wore trousers that hit just below the knee. But later, the definition shifted to mean bottoms that look like a skirt but are actually pants — like the original French definition of the word, which described the liberating split riding skirts that women wore to ride their bikes. And today, they've become even slimmer, looking more like a wide, cropped trouser. 

If like me, you’re wondering if this cut of pant will be flattering to the African shape, and if the idea of wearing these flaring, cropped trousers congers up memories of unflattering, frumpy, frowsy, wide-legged pants, then you may think that you will look more dumpling than diva. But the secret to finding a pair of culottes that actually works for you is all in the length. The most flattering pairs end at the skinniest part of your leg — for most women, that's right above your ankle. Once you've got a pair that hits there, your culottes will look correct, no matter if you're wearing heels or flat.

Culottes, also known as gauchos and palazzo pants, can be an intimidating trend to try but when you do find the right pair of culottes, it's like a whole new world — they can be just as versatile as your favorite jeans, not to mention they look super-chic. So whether you're wearing your culottes on a date, out for brunch on the weekend, or to work – brace yourself for a fantastic new fashion adventure. 

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