Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Revamping the Roaring Twenties with the Embellished Dress

With the premiere of the Great Gatsby and shows like Downton Abbey it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore the roaring twenties. I’m a huge history buff and have always been fascinated by anything antique or vintage, but there’s just something about the twenties that has never caught my fancy. Yes this the time when the world began to modernize, a time when women were finally permitted to wear trousers, and of course when the darling Miss Coco Chanel liberated and inspired the fashion world. Despite all of this, however, I was never drawn to the twenties. Until the revamped emergence of the embellished dress, that is.  

The embellished dress is a sexy new take on twenties style. Shorter formal dresses are ornamented with lace, embroidery, jewels, beads, and sequins this season. Even fashion accessories with heavy embellishment can make your simple LBD a hot number this coming winter.

If, like me, you’re still hunting for an outfit to wear to the upcoming 99Fm Loves a Namibian Fashion Show and thinking of a embellished dress, then steer clear of over the top embellishments. Some designers, like Marc Jacobs have really pushed this trend to the limits with garments so covered with decoration that it's difficult to discern the fabric that lies beneath. This kind of look you want to avoid.

If you’re petite, then keep it shot. Too much embellishment on a garment may be overwhelming for your short stature, and it can make it more difficult to maintain a slim, sleek appearance, but a little embellishment is certainly not out of order. After all, a girl has to have some fashion fun. Use touches of embellishment to your outfit by selecting a dress with sequin detail surrounding the neckline, rather than a dress that features all-over sequins; this will give a nod to the trend while maintaining style that's most flattering to a woman with a short build. For the curvy woman- embellishment on the middle of the body, and black on the side of the mid section and thighs, is the perfect way to look slim and on-trend.

Always keep in mind that this trend needs no extra accessories and really only requires a simple pair of heels, sleek and simple hair, and eye-pencil rimmed eyes, for that ultra sexy look. 

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